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Hi there,

I am so excited you're here! I am a lifestyle, storytelling photographer. As a mom of three little ones, I know how busy life is, how fast kids grow, how chaotic a day can be, and how beautiful motherhood is. 

This is the perfect time to slow down and embrace what you have been gifted. I want you to celebrate motherhood and enjoy the moment with  your little one.

Let's make magic together and turn your memory into beautiful, one of a kind, framed art that you can look at for years to come.

I am your 

I can't wait to meet you!

I'm Amy

Lion & Oak 


Experience filled with joy

Mama, you deserve this treasure

Motherhood is the most beautiful, challenging, and rewarding thing in this world. You might not feel like it in your everyday life, but the truth is the each chapter of motherhood does not last long. You need and deserve the perfect record of that. Turn those moments into a piece of art so you get to keep them forever. I’m here to capture your real motherhood, good or bad. I don't want you to miss these moments without capturing it.

Enjoy the whole experience. I provide you not only beautiful images, but also a fun, relaxing, experience through out the process. You will get excited during our planning phase as we work closely to coordinate your outfit and the location. I will help you anyway I can to make your vision come true. During actual session, the only requirement is to have fun with your family. It's going to be a fun, laid-back, kid-led session with no stress to you. Believe me, you will not regret this.

The beautiful images you’ll get are priceless, but your experience is as important as those images. I ensure you that both you and your kids are comfortable and relaxed. This will not be a typical photo session where you all stand stiff and smile at the camera. I want you to feel like you are hanging out with your friend during our session. Just relax and focus on the love and connection you all share in a fun and laid-back approach as I gently guide you and create a space in which you’re able to organically show the connections you share and the bond you've formed with your little one. 

As a family photographer, my focus is your kids. I let your kids lead the session. If your kid doesn't want to sit on your lap and smile at the camera, let's not do it. Instead, let's look for a bug or pick a flower. Nothing is forced or staged. I’ve had many kids become sad because they didn't want the session to end.  I'm ready to have fun with you and your family!

Lifestyle photography that captures authentic moments

Your kids will never stop growing. The little hands, their smile, the way they look at you, all of these precious memories you do not want to forget. Turn these memories into a piece of art so you get to keep them forever.  I’m here to capture your real motherhood, good or bad. If you feel beautiful and happy, that’s amazing, let’s capture that glowing you. If you feel exhausted and chaotic, let’s capture that too! Why? Because this season of your life only lasts a short while. I know you will cherish and embrace your current and real feelings.  “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”


Build your custom collection

Easy and stress free process.
You are in charge of what you will get from your session.  

Family & Maternity Session Collection

About two weeks after our fun session, you will receive your images that show love and connection you share with your family. You will then get to choose your collection when you see your beautiful images.  This way, you only get what you love.

** Travel fee might apply based on the location
** $300 Travel fee for Oregon coast sessions  
** All prices are subject for tax
** Custom payment plans are available.

Your will receive a customized gallery to download your precious images. You will have access to order wall art including framed art, canvas, wood print and more right from your online gallery. Your beautiful images need to be on your wall, not on your computer or phone. 

Online Gallery & Artwork

Lion Collection

Entire Gallery ( +60 Images)
$200 Artwork Credit

Oak Collection

20 Images
$100 Artwork Credit

Lily Collection

10 Images

Step 1.

Step 2.

Step 3.

Secure Your Date with
the Retainer

Have a Fun Session
View Your Stunning Gallery

Choose Your Collection

Step 4.

Download Your Images
Order Wall Art


Non-refundable retainer of $300 is required at time of booking, and it will be applied to the collection of your choice. This retainer is all you are required to invest before seeing your beautiful images, and it officially secures your spot on my calendar.

Book Your Session

We are so happy with how they turned out. The whole experience was amazing, she suggested the most gorgeous location and was really communicative and helpful during the photo shoot, we all felt very comfortable and it shows in our photos. 

The whole experience was amazing

Stephanie H

She is so patient, kind and helpful. She made the entire process stress free - from help with coordinating location and outfits to making the photoshoot comfortable and natural. Can't recommend her enough!

She made the entire process stress free

Lauren  G

She made us and our 2 young kids very comfortable. We had a great time during the photo shoot. She captured my kids’ personalities and the photos are BEAUTIFUL!

She captured my kid's personalities

Alissa S

Amy was amazing! Not only is she kind, professional and organized, but she takes fabulous photos! She suggested an amazing location for photos, and they could not have turned out better. I will treasure the beautiful pictures she took of my family as our son turned one. 

they could not have turned out better

Maria R

Could NOT be happier with our photos! She captured our personalities so well, and the location she selected met all my dreams for an outdoor shoot! I get soooo many compliments on how lovely the photos look. 

She captured our personalities so well

Emily B

I was so worried, the photos would show how frazzled I thought we looked but instead she captured some really amazing photos of tender moments shared between my boys and our family. The photos are amazing!!! 

Amazing photos of tender moments

Stephanie B

My daughter was cranky and fighting sleep wanted a pacifier and bottle the entire shoot, somehow she still managed to get beautiful pictures without a pacifier in every picture. I loved the pictures so much. 1000% would recommend! Cannot wait to use her in the future!

I love the pictures so much

Katie G


Frequently Asked

questions & Answers

Q: How would you describe your style?

A: My photography is lifestyle photography with story telling approach. I want to capture the story and beauty of your family, the connections and bonds you share,  just the way you are. I will gently direct you and your little ones to do a little prompt/activity that you will enjoy together. I want you to feel like you are just hanging out with your family during our session. Nothing will be heavily posed, staged, or forced.

Q: When should i book my photo session?

A: My calendar is usually open 6 months in advance. I only take a certain numbers of sessions each month, and it's first come first serve. Don't wait too long. Contact me whenever you start thinking about your session!


A: I totally understand that picking outfits of entire family for your photo session could be overwhelming. The great news is that I am here to help you with this! Clothing can make one of the biggest differences in your images. You will receive my style guide where you can find all the detailed information about picking right outfits for your family session. I'm also just a call or text away when you are choosing your clothing and am happy to help! 

Q: DO YOU OFFER ANY prints, canvas, and other products?

A: Totally! You have print rights for the images you purchase and can print those files to your heart's desire. That being said, I would urge you to consider ordering wall art from my professional quality lab. You can do so right from your online gallery. Choosing the right  you were to see the difference between the prints and products, it would be night and day.

Q: I'M NOT SURE IF MY KID WILL BEHAVE DURING THE SESSION. do you think we can get decent family photos if MY KID IS A WILD ONE? 

A: I totally understand that feeling! The thing is you'll never know your kids' mood on the day of the session or how they will react in front of the camera, and that's totally ok. Kids are kids and they will sometime cry during the session, act a little crazy because they are too excited, won't stare at the camera because they are shy, won't cooperate because they don't care. But guess what? That's how and what they are at the moment, and you want to capture the silly, shy, wild moments. That's the season of your life you are in right now, and you'll be so grateful to have these natural and raw moments of your kids being kids.


A: Yes, I do! The creative fee is required at the time of booking; however I can stretch the payment of your collection into 1/2's or 1/3's if that works best for you. Just let me know what you prefer, and I will make it happen for you.

This guide has been meant to give you an easy way to build your own custom collection, to get to know me a little bit, and to help give you an insight as to the experience you will receive when working with me. But as always, I am here to answer any questions for you at any time. Just send me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you so much!

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