Why Portland Summer Photo Sessions Are Better Than Fall Sessions

Family of 4 standing in a filed with golden grass and dad is tickling his toddler daughter

Why Portland Summer Photo Sessions Are Better Than Fall Sessions

When it comes to capturing those precious family moments, the timing of your photo session can make all the difference. As you might already know, fall is the most popular season for photo sessions mostly because everyone wants to use the photos for their Christmas cards and going for cozy vibes with colorful leaves – and I totally get that. However, I truly believe that summer holds some undeniable advantages, and I want you to know what they are before this summer season starts. Let’s dive into why Portland summer photo sessions can often be a better choice than their fall counterparts. 

1. No School, No Rush

One of the biggest perks of summer photo sessions is the relaxed schedule. Kids are out of school, which means no frantic rushing to get everyone ready after a long day of classes and extracurricular activities. Imagine picking your kids up from school, having them change the outfits (hoping you packed everything you need), then rush to the location as you see how messy their hair got during recess. Then kids complain how hungry they are, and they just want to go home. By the time you meet your photographer, you are exhausted. It doesn’t sound so much fun, does it? In the summer, you can plan your photo session at a leisurely pace. This gives you plenty time to ensure that outfits are perfect, hair is just right, and everyone is in a great mood. Without the pressure of a strict schedule, your family can enjoy a stress-free experience that results in more natural and joyful photos.

A mom holding her toddler and touching her cheeks in a grass filed in golden light

2. Longer Days Mean More Flexibility

Summer days are longer, and that extra daylight can be a game-changer for photo sessions. The sun sets later, providing a wider window for capturing those golden hour shots that everyone loves. During golden hour, the light is soft and flattering, and it gives beautiful glow in the images.  If you or your partner have work commitments, you can still fit in a session after work without worrying about losing daylight. This flexibility allows for more spontaneous and relaxed sessions, ensuring you get the best possible lighting and, ultimately, the best possible photos.

3. Vibrant and Lush Backdrops

Summer offers a rich tapestry of vibrant colors and lush landscapes that make for stunning photo backdrops. Flowers are in full bloom, fields are lush and green, and the overall vibe is lively and energetic. This natural beauty can add a fresh and vibrant feel to your photos, making them stand out. Especially here in PNW, summer is the best season to get outside to enjoy the beautiful nature. While fall has its own charm, summer’s bright and colorful scenery can bring a dynamic and cheerful atmosphere to your images. If you usually get fall photos, it might be a fun idea to change the scenery and vibe this summer!

Family of four sitting on a blanket at the gorge during golden hour

4. Warm Weather Comfort

Let’s not forget the weather. Summer temperatures, though warm, are often more predictable and comfortable than the sometimes chilly and unpredictable fall days. There’s less need for layers and bulky clothing, which can make it easier to coordinate stylish outfits. Plus, kids (and adults) are generally happier when they’re not shivering or worrying about getting cold, which can lead to more genuine smiles and candid moments. Also, there is less chance of rescheduling your session in summer. Every fall, my clients and I get anxious about rescheduling sessions due to rain, and often time they worry about get all the photos and card ready before Christmas. You will not need to worry much about that for summer sessions. (Speaking of Christmas card, here are some shops that I like Paper Culture  Artifact Uprising)

5. Vacation Vibes

Summertime often means vacation time. Families tend to be more relaxed and in a good mood, having enjoyed some downtime or exciting trips. This vacation mindset can translate into more relaxed and happy expressions during your photo session. The summer glow and relaxed vibes can make your photos look even more special and filled with joy.

A mom kissing her toddler son while sitting on a blanket

6. Special Summer Activities

Think of all the unique activities that come with summer: beach trips, picnics, hikes, playing by the water and more. Is there any “family traditional” things to do or places to go as a family in summer? Incorporating these activities into your photo session can create memorable and unique images that capture the essence of your family’s summer fun. Instead of just getting photos done, create memories and make the whole experience family treasure. These moments can add a personal and lively touch to your photos. 

Now you know how great summer sessions are! While fall has its own charm with its cozy sweaters and beautiful foliage, summer offers a unique set of benefits that can make your photo session more enjoyable with beautiful sceneries. The relaxed schedules, longer days, vibrant backdrops, comfortable weather, vacation vibes, and special activities all contribute to a perfect setting for capturing your family’s special moments. So, this summer, consider booking a photo session to freeze those sunny, joyful memories in time. You’ll be glad you did!

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