6 Baby Stores That You’ll Love in Portland

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6 Baby Stores That You’ll Love in Portland Oregon

When it comes to baby stuff, it seems like they’re never enough. Or perhaps, we can’t help but buy them because they’re cute. Anyway, as new or expecting moms, I bet we’re all inclined to buy something we haven’t already got. From cute onesies and stylish outfits to colorful playmats and animated bedsheets – you name it! I know it’s very important that you find a well-equipped baby shop in Portland. This is why I created a list of all my favorites in town. Your search for baby stores in Portland Oregon is over – grab your keys and go buy something cute for your little one! 


Posh Baby

Location: 916 NW 10th Avenue, Pearl District, Portland

Website: Posh Baby

In the Posh Baby Portland boutique, you’ll find stylish, eco-friendly, and modern products for your child. You can purchase all your must-haves, as well as other useful bits and pieces that I’m sure you’ll put to use. The company sells well-designed products that are not only stylish but also very functional. The shop’s goal is to include only the most healthy and modern products that are 100% safe for your child. 

You can choose from their large selection of baby toys, modern furniture, comfortable children’s clothing, and much more. Whether you want to replace your crib mattress with an organic one or buy some useful accessories, I’m sure you’ll find it in the Posh baby Portland store. 


The Bull & The Bee

Location: 7044 SE Milwaukie Ave; Portland

Website: The Bull & The Bee

The Bull and the Bee is a locally owned baby store in Portland Oregon, located in the Moreland neighborhood. They sell quality and trendy items that any mom will find useful. 

The shop is well-equipped with all the must-haves and add-ons every mom might need. The Bull and the Bee offer a wide range of infant clothing, including gender-neutral pieces, as well as baby swimwear, footwear, and backpacks. The toy selection in this Portland baby boutique includes wooden, bath, and sensory toys, as well as a vast choice of age-appropriate books. And if you go to purchase bottles and pacifiers, make sure to grab some extra, because, believe me, you’ll always feel like you need a few more!

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Portland Baby Store

The Yo! Store

Location: 935 NW 19th Ave, Portland

Website: The Yo! Store

This one-stop Portland baby boutique offers quite some things for your little one. Founded in 2016, this shop sells high-quality children’s clothes from well-known brands. Created and owned by a mom of two who’s already been where you’re now, she tries to include only tested and approved items for a better buyer’s experience.

In essence, here you’ll find everything you’ll need – from clothing pieces to kids’ accessories, and toys for any age. You can even purchase some artwork for your child’s room, too! Since this store sells not only children’s but also clothing and accessories for women, why don’t you buy something for yourself while you’re there?


Grasshopper Boutique

Location: 1816 NE Alberta Street, Portland

Website: Grasshopper Boutique

Grasshopper is yet another baby store in Portland Oregon that made it on my favorites list! This small, but well-equipped shop has a layout so adorable, that you just can’t help but wish to buy everything that’s inside. 

They offer some of the best American-made organic baby clothes in Portland. You can find everything you need from clothing, toys, and children books. What’s more, Grasshopper Boutique offers art supplies and interactive games to entertain your toddler.

Even if you’re only looking for some basic infant essentials, make sure to stop by. Speaking from my own experience, I’m sure you won’t be able to resist all the cute little stuff they have in their collection.

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Mini Me and Mama

Location: 12000 SE 82nd Ave 2nd Floor Suit 2201, Happy Valley, Portland

Website: Mini Me and Mama

Now, I’m sure everyone has told you about the number of onesies, bottles, and crib sheets you need to buy. It was probably not very hard to shop for those items, as they’re the things you see in every baby store in Portland Oregon you’ve set your foot. But what about some clothes and footwear that you’ll need when dressing up your little one for a special occasion?

Mini Me and Mama boutique is here to solace this problem. Apart from the baby essentials they offer, this is your go-to place when you need to dress up your infant for a birthday party, or perhaps your friend’s wedding. They have a wide variety of apparel for special occasions, including dresses, tights and socks, and some really cute baby-size suits. 

And for all the moms that are into mother-daughter matching looks, you’d be surprised by the things you’ll find at Mini Me and Mama!


Le D Bug Boutique

Location: 7453 SW Bridgeport Rd, Portland

Website: Le D Bug Boutique

And if you’re looking for a complete buying experience, Le D Boutique is the right place to visit. The owners of this store do not only care for your child, but for the environment, too. 

Their goal is to sell only quality, organic baby clothes in Portland – limited and exclusive for your area. So if you’re all about functionality, sustainability, and uniqueness, I’m sure that you’ll find what you’re looking for. The staff offers the assistance you might need as an expecting mom, or the place to leave your little one to play while you’re picking some items for them. This adds to the personalized buying experience you probably didn’t get anywhere else!


So, what are you still waiting for? It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a simple clothing piece, an interactive toy, or something that you’ll find useful in your new mommy role! Your ideal baby store in Portland Oregon is ready for you to explore!

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