What to Wear for a Spring Family Photo Session near Portland, OR

Family of four standing in a wildflower field for their spring family photos

What to Wear for a Spring Family Photo Session Near Portland, OR

Spring Family Photos Near Portland, Oregon

For all of us who live in the Pacific Northwest, spring is magical after a long, wet winter. Just feeling the warm sun make us so happy! You might have a list of things you want to do this spring, like gardening or exercising outside. You should consider adding a spring family photo session to your list!

Spring is truly an amazing time for a photo session with all the new life starting to bloom! It is a perfect time for a photo session if you want lush green vegetation and wildflowers in the background. It’s warm, but not sweating hot like on summer days. The sun also sets a little later than in winter, so it is easier for many people’s work schedule. And if you are looking for gorgeous golden light, springtime is one of the best times to get it since it’s not too late for little ones to be up. Also, if you usually do a fall session, springtime changes up sceneries.

I hope this encourages you to get your spring family photos done in Portland. And keep reading, because I’ll also tell you what to wear for your spring photo session so you’ll be prepared for it!

Mom is sitting up and lifting her son up in the sky on purple flower field

Colors and Patterns That Work Well for Spring Family Photo Sessions


Go with soft, light colors that will contrast against the bright greens that will be in the background. Off-white, cream, pale pink, light blues, and other pastel colors are good choices.


My favorite patterns for spring photo sessions are small floral and gingham! With a natural color palette, those patterns won’t be too loud. They are the perfect to give some accents on family outfits. Multiple people in your family can wear outfits with patterns as long as some family members wear solid colors.

Family outfit idea with a color palette of coral, green and beige

Good Fabric Options for Spring Family Photo Sessions

Linen, gauze, and chiffon are great fabrics for spring photo sessions. They are lightweight and flowy, perfect for a warm spring day. It’s best to have variety of fabric between your family members as it gives more depth in your images. So try to pick at least three different fabrics. For example, Mom can wear chiffon dress (1), baby wears gauze rompers (2), and Dad can wear jeans (3) with a cotton shirt (4).

Family outfit idea with a color palette of orange, beige, and whiteDon’t Forget Layering

As spring weather can be unpredictable here in the PNW, it’s always good to prepare for the wind and chilly temperatures. Cardigans are great options for moms and little ones, and shawls are perfect choices for moms. If you want to be safe, you can bring tights for little ones who get uncomfortable in the cold. Dads can bring lightweight long sleeve shirts like waffle cotton t-shirts. Other layering options include denim jackets and light knit tops.


What to Avoid

Color-wise, I recommend avoiding greens, both dark or bright shades. You’ll most likely get a lot of greens in the background of the photos. You want to “pop up” against the background, not blend in.

Black and other dark colors such as navy and charcoal gray are also better to avoid as the main color palette. The darkness of the colors can make the final photos feel dark and dull. They work well in fall, but I tend to avoid them for spring photo sessions if you are going for a light spring vibe.

Also, it is best to avoid any bright primary colors, loud patterns, and logos.

Mom and her toddler daughter looking at flowers in a park in Portland, OR

Store recommendation

For mamas: Free People, Baltic Born, Petal and Pup, Anthropology

For little ones: ZARA, Jamie Kay, Rylee + Cru, H&M

You could also get outfits for the whole family at Target, Old Navy or Amazon!

Styling Assist for Portland Family Photo Sessions

I hope you enjoyed this blog! If a spring family session sounds good for your family, book a session with me! You will get my style guide which provides everything you need to know to plan your family outfits.

When you book a session, I also offer style boards for my clients! I will be your personal stylist and coordinate outfits for your entire family. Then I’ll send you the shop links so you can easily purchase those clothing items.


Want more valuable tips for your family photo session? Go to my homepage and get a free guide on how to have a successful family photo session with wild kids.