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As moms, or parents in general, it’s pretty tricky keeping our kids entertained with something other than screens. I always try to look for alternatives where my kids can be amused and get educated simultaneously. Usually, I like to take my kids outdoors for some fresh air and for them to have an opportunity to communicate with other children. However, if you live in Portland, sometimes this can be a hassle, especially during winter. When it comes to Portland, beyond the striking scenery, there’s a plethora of choices for the whole family to be entertained. From parks to museums and more, people of all ages will find something they love here. As I’ve previously mentioned, the city can get especially rainy during the winter. I’ve compiled some kid-friendly activities and indoor playgrounds in Portland that you and your kids will enjoy!

Indoor playgrounds Portland, OR | Where to take your kids on rainy days


Playforest is a perfect mix of a contemporary meeting place for families and a hands-on learning space for little kids to develop their skills! The materials that this facility uses are hand-picked by two early childhood educators and are based on learning art and science through creative work. This is accomplished through experimentation and fixing their mistakes. In this way, children gain confidence in their work and have an interactive approach to learning developmental skills.

Playforest is an esteemed center for kid-friendly activities in Portland. They are devoted to creating a safe space for children and families to engage in a handful of experiences. They focus on using toys that have detachable parts. That means the same can be used for experimenting and creating new things. The most important part – Playforest pays special attention to teaching kids about the environment, as they incorporate the wonders of nature into kids’ daily activities.


LEKA Playland

The LEKA Playland offers a lot of things to do in Portland with kids, especially infants. “Leka” means “play” in Swedish and the name speaks for itself . Through interactive work and playing, kids have the opportunity to hone their skills in a fun and playful way. Their idea is to remove all the objects found in regular playgrounds which can be overly stimulating, with simpler and more natural alternatives.

LEKA is decorated with a so-called “organic modern” design . Instead of a colorful aesthetic, they incorporated neutral, crisp forms and materials created to inspire creativity and individuality. Their toys are handmade by Montessori and Waldorf principals and designed to motivate kids’ imagination. This wonderful playland loves infants and has special development-boosting activities – including an exclusive room just for them. 

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Playdate PDX

Playdate PDX is an indoor play space located in Portland, Oregon. They provide a safe and fun environment for children to play and explore. The play space is designed for toddlers, children, and their caregivers, and it offers a variety of activities and amenities to keep kids entertained and engaged.

The play space features a large play structure with slides, tunnels, and other fun features that kids can climb on and explore. There is also a separate area for little ones aged 0-3, where they can play with age-appropriate toys and activities. Additionally, Playdate PDX offers room rentals for parties or big playdates.

The play space also has a café on-site. Parents can grab a cup of coffee or a bite to eat while their children play. The café serves a variety of food and drinks, including pizza, charcuterie plate and even wine. They offer a special food and drink menu for parties too, so having a party there will be fun and easy!

Playdate PDX is open 7 days a week except for some holidays. Admission can be paid as you go, or discounted rate passes are also available. It is a great option for parents looking for a fun place for playing, exploring, and having parties.


Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OSMI)

If you’re looking for things to do in Portland with kids, The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry is a haven for all the techies and brainiacs! This museum is super kid-friendly and it offers a wide range of interactive exhibits to keep kids occupied for a long time.

Little kids can use their creative skills in the Science Playground and Discovery Lab, by creating with playdough and allowing their imagination to run wild. Along with a Chemistry Lab where kids can do their own experiments, there’s also a great opportunity for children to learn about the planets in the Earth Room. Curious kiddos can head to the Life Lab to learn all about animals and little critters. 

The OSMI is a hotspot for Portland kids activities. Finding something your children like will be super easy! If the city is rainy, this museum is an option to keep in mind for indoor playgrounds in Portland . Your kids will surely love it!

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Have Your Sweet Tooth Satisfied

The city is filled with places to satisfy all kinds of foodies! Some of these are ideal indoor playgrounds in Portland for kids to enjoy, where they can relish various kinds of treats.  

A great place to start would be Voodoo Doughnuts, known for serving some of the best sweets in the entire city. Your family can taste an assortment of authentic flavors like mango or bubblegum. If doughnuts are not your kids’ favorite, you can always head down to the Salt and Straw or Fifty Licks. A special treat for the little ones would be the Mix n Match Creamery. They could see the ice cream made in front of them. They’ll have a hard time keeping their eyes off it!


Food Trucks and Breweries

Now you may be wondering – why are breweries mentioned as kid-friendly activities in Portland? You may be surprised to know that there are a lot of them in the city that actually welcomes children and have special drinks just for them! One of them is the Hopworks Urban Brewery. Kids can look at many salvaged bike parts all over the walls, and they even have a separate section for the little ones to play in.

To finish off the list of Portland kids activities, I would strongly recommend getting some grub from the food trucks. In the city, the food trucks are arranged in pods and are clustered close to each other. This is a great opportunity for you and your family to try out different cuisines! Kids especially like the delicious wood-fired pizza from Pyros Pizza, so maybe you should give it a try!

These were only a handful of suggestions of things to do in Portland with kids when the weather is not really in your favor. While the city prides itself on its stunning outdoor parks, there’s still so much to do indoors! I’m sure that you and your family will have a fabulous time.

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Indoor Playgrounds Portland, OR

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