Reasons Why You Should Choose an In-Home Newborn Photography Session

Mom and newborn baby lying on a bed and dad and a toddler playing by the bed in their bedroom in Portland, OR

Reasons Why You Should Choose an In-Home Newborn Photography Session

The newborn season of life is filled with joy and excitement as you bring home the newest addition to your family. The delight of your baby watching you, the little sounds they make, the way they wiggle as they sleep—it’s all a treasure. The time is so special, but as everyone has heard, it passes in a blur! The first few weeks with a newborn are a haze of sleep deprivation and  bliss. To help you remember this amazing time of your life for the years to come, you should consider an in-home newborn photography session.

In-Home Newborn Photography

There are many benefits to an in-home newborn photography session. As you would probably expect, there is much less stress involved since you and your baby don’t have to prepare to go anywhere. While this is true and probably one of the most attractive reasons of an in-home newborn photo shoot, there are also many other advantages!

Mom holding both newborn baby and a toddler in her arm on a rocking chair

1. It’s more authentic and intimate than going somewhere else.

Of course this is true, because the photo session is in your own home! Your home is the place that is most intimate for you and your family and where you all feel most relaxed. We can capture the most raw, authentic moments here that truly reflect your emotions and family as they are.

2.There’s a deeper meaning.

Your home is a place that is meaningful. Because of that, doing an in-home newborn photography session results in photos with more significance and magic in them. Because of that, the pictures you receive from a session will become treasures for your family in the years to come.

Mom holding her newborn son on her couch in her home in Portland

3. The whole Family Can Relax

Your entire family is in your own space, so you can get whatever you need whenever you need it. This is especially true if you have older kids. Being in your own space allows them to take breaks. With many of my clients who have toddlers, Dad take the older kiddos for a snack break while I continue getting photos of just Mom and Baby. Then Dad and Siblings can return for more family shots once they are satisfied.

4. It’s the perfect setting for lifestyle photos.

Want to lie down to snuggle with your baby for a bit? Need to breastfeed your newborn and take a break in your favorite rocking chair? Or do your baby’s older siblings want to have story time with the littlest of the family? An in-home newborn photo session is perfect for allowing us to capture and memorialize all of these daily activities and more.

Mom is sitting on her chair holding her newborn baby and her toddler son is reading a book right next to her

5. You will get more detailed photos.

You’ll always remember the house where you first welcomed your newest baby. From the nursery and its decorations to the bed where you spent countless hours with them, all the intimate places that served as the backdrop of this season will be memorialized in an in-home newborn photography session in a way they wouldn’t otherwise.

6. Your pets can join too!

Do you have a furry, four-legged family member you want in your photos? An in-home newborn photography session makes that easy! As a dog owner myself, I totally understand how important your pets can be to your family. I am delighted to have my clients’ beloved critters join us for our sessions.

Newborn baby girl sleeping on beige blanket on the bed

Concerns about In-Home Newborn Photography session? I got you!

You may be thinking that these reasons for doing an in-home newborn photo session sound great, but have some concerns. Many of my clients worry about similar things when thinking about booking a session, like that their house isn’t picture-perfect, that it’s too small and cluttered, or it doesn’t have good lighting. I certainly understand these concerns! After all, you want your pictures to capture the beauty of having a newborn, and having a wonderful background is important for that.

That said, your home is still the best places to have a photo session! Your home is where you spend most of your time with your family. It’s where you’ve already made wonderful memories together and where you will be making many more. And since your photos are first and foremost for you and your family, they should be taken somewhere that’s important to you and helps tell your unique family story.

Family of 4 including their newborn son hanging out in their living room

No, Your home doesn’t have to be spotless

Your home doesn’t have to be spotless for an in-home newborn photo session. You just had a baby, after all! So it’s completely fine to have baby things scattered about, dust on the shelves, a basket of laundry, dishes in the sink… everything that shows that you do indeed live there! If you feel the urge to tidy some, you can put that basket of laundry and some of the other things you don’t want in the background in a room you don’t want to use for the session. That way you have the background you want but don’t have to worry about making your home spotless. Also, I’ll be guiding you and your family on where to stand and if anything needs to be moved to capture a wonderful shot, so don’t stress about your house being messy!

All we need is natural light from your windows

As for lighting, all we need is the natural light from your window. I do in-home newborn photography sessions a lot, and believe you me, all the homes I’ve ever been to have had lighting that’s worked for getting wonderful photos!

In all, in-home newborn photography sessions are a wonderful way to capture the beauty and excitement of having a new addition to your family. They are a much less stressful way of creating art that will help you remember the intimate, authentic moments of this season of life.

Mom is sitting on the couch and holding her newborn son and dad is kissing mom from behind

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