Lifestyle Photography | Why it’s perfect for your family

Family of 6 hanging out and playing in a dining room by the window in their home in Portland, OR

Lifestyle Photography | Why It’s Perfect for Your Family 

Have you ever heard of lifestyle photography? It’s been gaining popularity in recent years, and for good reason. Unlike traditional photography, which often involves stiff poses and forced smiles, lifestyle photography focuses on capturing genuine, unscripted moments and interactions in real-life settings. It aims to document candid expressions and emotions in natural environments such as homes, nature, or urban setting.

Beautiful mom in a pink dress sitting on a grass field by the river and breastfeeding her baby  A baby and a toddler sitting on mom and dad's laps and toddler boy is tring to give his little brother a purple flower


The essence of lifestyle photography

The essence of lifestyle photography lies in storytelling, portraying the subject’s everyday life, personality, and interests. With minimal posing, it relies on natural light and surroundings to create a relaxed and genuine atmosphere in the images. Imagine this: instead of sitting stiffly and staring at a camera, you and your family are simply being yourselves – laughing, playing, and enjoying each other’s company. Whether it’s a walk in the park, picking flowers, baking cookies at your kitchen, or snuggling up for a story time on your bed, lifestyle photography celebrates the beauty of real life. 

Lifestyle photography particularly shines when it comes to families with young children. Traditional posed photography can be challenging for little ones who struggle to stay still and follow directions which might lead to frustration for parents. This is where lifestyle sessions truly excel.

Family of three running at the beach in Oregon Coast with the boy in his dad's arm

The Reasons Why Lifestyle Photography is Perfect for Families

1. Authentic Storytelling:

Lifestyle photography sessions authentically capture your family’s current dynamic. As parents, you’re likely aware of how quickly children grow, and there’s a desire to freeze-frame how they look right now before they get a little older. The way your little one’s eyes light up when they discover something new, the way little hands holding yours, they way they make silly faces, these authentic moments are true and heartfelt and they show their personality. These are the moments are the ones that tell your family’s unique story.

Mom and toddler sitting on a bed while dad is holding his newborn baby girls by the window  Mom, dad, and their four kids hugging each other

2. Family-Led Experience:

With the lifestyle approach, your family can take the lead. Instead of being posed, you’re encouraged to engage in activities your family genuinely enjoy. Whether it’s playing games, exploring nature, playing a music instrument, or simply cuddling up together, the session revolves around your family’s unique dynamics and interests. This makes the session a personalized and meaningful experience. It’s about creating memories together while capturing the beauty of your everyday life. Treat your family session as a fun family event.

3. Stress-Free Environment:

One of the best things about lifestyle photography is the relaxed and stress-free environment it creates. Since your family is enjoying the time together doing what you like, you won’t feel stress about perfecting poses. By focusing on activities you love in familiar settings, the session feels more like a fun family outing than a formal photo shoot. This laid-back approach not only results in more natural and candid images but also makes the entire experience enjoyable for everyone involved.

4. Memory Making Session:

Beyond capturing beautiful images, lifestyle photography creates lasting memories that you and your family will treasure for years to come. Whether it’s a silly game of tag in a flower field or a quiet moment of connection, these time you share with your kids will become fun memories for them. Your kids might ask you when they get to go to a photo shoot and have some fun again.

Family of four relaxing on their living room as mom looking at her newborn baby and dad and toddler boy looking out for the window    Mom and her baby sitting on a golden grass field and playing with grass

In essence, lifestyle photography allows families to be themselves, capturing ordinary yet priceless moments that serve as timeless keepsakes. It’s amazing how each session becomes a chapter in the book of your family’s journey. So why not embrace the beauty of real life with a lifestyle photography session? I’m sure you will love the session itself and all the authentic images that tell your family story. If you are in Portland, OR area, and it sounds like something your family will enjoy together, check out my home page to get session details.

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